Mufeed's Vision

Mufeed's Vision is to achieve excellence in education and scientific research and meet the requirements of Arab societies through the delivery of science to Arab researchers and students in their mother tongue. Mufeed is the primary source for researchers in the Arab world to obtain reliable information. It is the savior solution for academics relieving them from the problem of referring to and translating foreign research because of the lack of Arabic content, a one which will save them a lot of effort and reduce wasted effort. The website also seeks to keep up to the latest scientific and technical developments and arrange them in such a way as to improve the quality of learning in all areas.

Mufeed is a supportive environment that provides students with opportunities for development and prosperity in pursuit of their future.

1- Maintaining and supporting academic freedom in the acquisition of knowledge and learning.

2- Adapting the contents to the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

3- Achieving the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in the preparation of scientific content.

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