Mufeed Message

Mufeed seeks to excel in the scientific content and research fields and in the various fields of education offered by Arab universities, and maintain a leading position in the Arab electronic offices. Mufeed's team believes that the optimal solution would be to enable and consolidate the Arab student information. However, in the absence of documented Arabic content on the Internet, and the fact that universities in most Arab countries offer their science materials in English, Arab students fail to understand a high percentage of content, no matter how advanced their language level. It is here that Mufeed has a role in helping the student to achieve a full understanding of his academic competence and ensure the achievement of the desired results, by offering education in a student's mother tongue and in a modern, methodological, distinctive and scientific context.

Mufeed aims to help Arab universities graduate students who are able to compete in the academic field and labor markets, qualified to pursue their learning and professional development, and ready to pursue higher studies.

The strategic objectives for the realization of the mission

Mufeed adopts a set of strategic objectives, such as developing frameworks to assist the student in scientific research, writing research papers, and in all university assignments, to become a major reference collection upon which students rely for preparing their preparation of their Doctoral Dissertations & Master's Theses:

1- Helping Arab universities develop their educational programs by providing university students with an appropriate content in various disciplines, and ensuring that Mufeed is the first alternative to the curricula and university courses.

2- Developing the infrastructure and working to build, expand and develop our databases to be the comprehensive and adequate reference for any Arab student in various university disciplines.

3- Developing students' research capabilities by arranging the scientific content professionally to provide a researcher with quick access to information, and high accuracy help him to arrange his ideas and priorities in his research.

4- Developing skills and abilities of academic frameworks by attracting the most important Arab cadres to work with Mufeed.

5- Linking Mufeed with Arab universities, identifying the needs of these universities, and trying to bridge the gap between us and them.

6- Developing a quality assurance system of (Mufeed) website through the formation of higher academic committees to monitor and evaluate content.

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